Ind.Classic-100 Commercial RO Water Purifier


Get clean and healthy water with IND.CLASSIC-100 Commercial RO water purifier built with 6 stages of purification & mineral retention technology.

Salient Features:
1. External Storage required
2. High Purification Rate upto 100 LPH*
3. TDS Regulation- Yes Available
4. Mineral retention technoology
5. 6-Stages of Purification


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Commercial purified water needs a purifier suitable for giving desired output. ORAVE introduces IND.CLASSIC series of commercial water purifiers with 25 LPH to 100 LPH purified water output capacity.

RO+UV technology makes Ind.Classic Water Purifier best suited for giving you TDS regulated purified water that ensures protecting you and your team from water borne diseases. It gives you pure, healthy, safe and sweet minerals rich water with 6 stages* of purification process. It retains essential minerals in water by using UF filter through which water passes and gives you TDS regulated purifier healthy water.

Stage 1st – Pre-Sediment Filter
Removes fine and coarse particulate impurities/dirt and improves the life of the Carbon Filter.
Stage 2nd – Pre-RO Carbon Filter(GAC/CTO)
Removes chlorine and organic impurities like harmful pesticides. It also absorbs bad taste odour causing organic compounds from water.
Stage 3rd – RO Membrane
Removes dissolved salts, hardness, pesticides, fluoride and heavy metals like arsenic, lead andmercury.It also remove smicrobial contaminants like bacteria, virus, protozoa and cysts.
Stage 4th – Ultra-filtration
(UF) water passes through UF membrane via TDS regulator which is then added to final purified water of R.O. Membrane output.
Stage 5th – Post Carbon
To improve taste further, the purified is then passed through post carbon filter.Then you get the final Pure, Safe, Sweet Healthy Water.

Stage 6th  – Ultraviolet
To improve purity of water, the purified is then passed through UV Chamber where there is a path through which when water passes, UV light exposes on it to paralyze bacteria & virus which helps in reducing further population & growth .Thus, you get Healthy & Safer Water to drink and use.

High Storage Capacity

External storage tank or vessel is required


Applications Suitable for Purification of Brackish / Tap Water

Purification Capacity Upto 100 LPH*
Body Material S.S.
Mounting On the Wall/Table Top
Dimensions(mm) 390 (L) x 255 (W) x 535 (H)
Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Min) 0.3 kg / cm2 or 4.3psi / 10°C or 50°F
Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Max) 3 kg / cm2 or 42.7psi / 40°C or 104°F
Filter Cartridges Sediment, Carbon Filter, UF
Weight 30 kg
Storage Capacity External Storage Required
Purification Production Rate 100L/hr**
Membrane Type Thin Film Composite RO
Maximum Duty Cycle 250 L/day
Power Consumption 130 W
Booster Pump Voltage 24 V DC
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220 ± 10 V AC, 50 Hz


Installation, Warranty After-Sales Service

Installation shall be done on chargeable basis at customer’s premises under our service network.*

*For remote locations, travelling charges will be there extra for each visit.
Product warranty shall be effective from the date of installation. Warranty coverage period for different parts shall be as under:

All the electrical parts including Booster Pump, SMPS supply, SV,Float switch, Indications etc. are warranted for 12 months.
The replacement time of Consumables like Pre-Filter,Sediment Filter,UF filter, Carbon Filter & RO Membrane depend upon the quality of Raw water & water consumption.They are not covered under the warranty. However, if

Carbon & Sediment Filters

choke within Six(6) months and Membrane within a year,it will be cleaned rinsed Free of cost. The Treatment capacity of RO membrane will reduce with time due to clogging of pores of membrane.

* After-Sales service shall be provided at customer’s premises on demand basis.

Note: This is a domestic water purifier and if it is used for commercial purpose then warranty is void.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 40.6 × 25.4 × 56.6 cm





External Storage required


12 Months


6 Stages



Purification Capacity(per hr.)


Purification Technology


Storage Tank Capacity

External Storage Required


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