If you want to join us a service provider in your area then fill the form below with details required and send us.We will go through the details , will talk to you then you could earn more with us by working with us as a service provider.

Benefits of becoming a service provider with us:

  1. Diverse range of products.
  2. Diverse brands dealing in that product lines so wide options & volume for earning more for less.
  3. Easy centralized order processing for installation & servicing.
  4. Easy parts inventory management for spares parts with service providers.
  5. Easy payout of service bills to providers.
  6. Extra incentives to providers for defect free prompt servicing.
  7. No prior big investments in spare parts etc.
Separate more than 1 number with commas( , ).
Tell us which products you are able to give installation & After sales service and repair.
Enter locations, cities,town etc. where you can provide service. Multiple locations separated by commas.