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Orave Appliances India that is known for prestigious quality Home & Kitchen Appliances Products and Services. It has privilege of serving the nation since 2016 with a vision to see all human beings fit & healthy for which it is making products which either filters unhygienic particles from our consumable things or converting some raw material to drinkable & eatables that gives health supplement. It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Co. which is strictly adheres to maintaining & improving quality systems to make our products and services better than others. Commitment to the quality factors and ingredients of the goods are always among the first priority for us. We are keen to refine and redefine our latest technology products to give the customer the best possible resources. Our Progressive Research and Development focuses on the ever changing customer requirements and makes best Value Creation result driven products taking economic considerations side by side.

Orave Appliances India works to create a better future every day and helps people feel good, look good and get more out of the life with It’s brand –ORAVE.

About Founder & Director

ORAVE was founded by Mr.Prince Sharma whose educational qualification is MBA(Marketing & finance) and B.Tech (Electronics & Communication) and has a vast technical and managerial experience in this field. He worked with many companies in Research & Development, Production, Quality, Product developments, After-sales service along with management of Whole production plant before starting his own business. After this practical experience and thorough knowledge he decided to give some better products to the society in direction to give the best possible solution to problems related to health issues and controlling pollution.

Our Mission

“To provide technologically advanced, highly reliable & economically affordable products to fight against pollution & health related diseases”

Our Vision

“Decreased life span of human beings and increase in health diseases guide us to protect society from water and air pollution and to give society the products with desirable technology to give the best solution to control pollution and to give better health to society. We are achieving this by developing and manufacturing reliable, innovative & technologically advanced products and desirable prompt service”

ORAVE- A Brand That Is Built For You To Keep You Fit And Healthy

Orave is committed to give you products which will help you to stay fit & healthy and working on controlling the causes of diseases so that you’ll be able to fight against them. Our diversified range of products as per technological requirements will give you the best benefits to be fit and healthy. We are always eager to give customer satisfaction at full level not only at the time of providing product but also at the time of after-sales service to maintain our commitment to stay you healthy.

ORAVE- HAI Service Ki Guarantee!

You Will Feel Amazing Happiness

Orave provides you 100% guarantee of happiness. Once to add yourself with our Orave family then you will feel amazing happiness.